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Kathy aka Kitkat's tag

hehe..she thought it is ice cream in the bowl..:D

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Lori's tag

Diana Roald's tag

Sorry that I take so long to post this. Here's a high school class website by Diana. :D

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Rochelle's tags 2

This is a really nice V-Day tag. :D
Happy Valentine Day to y'all!! :D

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Artist Showcase Challenge: The Winner!

From: Peepers

Comments: Simple and nice. It kindda suits the whole look. :D

This is a difficult challenge. Everyone's so good. It's really hard to choose a winner. Pls don't be depressed if you've not won. All of you are great!!!
Thx alot. :D

My Favourites From Artist Showcase Challenge

From: sexycherries2704

Comments: It's simple and nice. :D

From: jennifer

Comments: Beautiful!

From: bearlie

Comments: Cute. I like the belt. :D

From janet

Comments: Nice!

From gloria

Comments: O!! Shiny!! Interesting!!

Hi all,
Thanks to Janet, from, there's a Mashi Tag Challenge. All works are wonderful and everybody's a winner!!! Thank you all for taking the time to do it. :D I really appreciate it. :D Thanks alot.
Above are some tags that I like. :D I hope I got the correct names. Pls let me know if I didn't.

Pls note that the favourite is in random order. :)

Thx alot :D

Other nice tags:

Liz's tags

Here's Liz's tags. They're nice. :D
Anybody who'd like to check out her art, pls go to

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