Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sara's tags

From Right Graphics.

Liz's tags

These are luvly. :D
From Right Graphics.

JustJan's tag

This last piece doesn't state who did it but the words, "JJ", make me assume it's done by somebody for JJ. If the creator ever pass by this site, pls leave me a message on the tagboard. Thx :D
From Right Graphics.

Jay's tags

The 1st piece is a fanart of Christina Aguilera and when I look back at it again, the only thing I like is juz the hair...=P But I like the tag. :D
From Right Graphics.

Helen's tags

From Right Graphics.

Cubbie's tags

Another member of Right Graphics.

Cathy's tags

A member from a msn group, Right Graphics did these. Luvly. :D

Candy's tag

Buffy's tag

Renee's tags

These are really beautiful!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rita's tag 2

Happy 2007 to y'all!!!! :D

Lisa Jarrett's tag 2

Luv sweet. :D Thx Lisa..:D

To Goldie, From Debs

Here's a tag made by Debs to Goldie. This is really nice. :D Hope y'all like this idea of showcasing ya wonderful works. :D I like looking at them..:D

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006

Peggy's tag

Conny's tag

Dawn's tags

WOW!!! i've recieved alot of tags from creators!!! It's the nicest x'mas gift I could wish for...:D Scroll down for more. :D
The last tag made by Dawn is from another artist, Michael Lanfeld. Though this blog is dedicated to the use of my art for tags but it's also nice to see what u guys can do with another artist's art. Of course my art has to dominate the blog!! muahahahahha...or else this blog shouldn't be called MASHITAGS. :P
If u guys used another artist's work and would like to showcase to others here, mayb u could provide a link so I can post it. :)
Thanks y'all and have a Happy Holiday!!! :D

AmpGirl's tag

Fraze's tag

Dixie's tag

Kajira's tag

Rochelle's tags

Did anybody spot the difference? hehehe..I just decided to post both anyways. :D